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The Kilda Necklace, with its various shapes (half circle, dropped down to a circle and triangle), was inspired by the shapes of the tiny island of St Kilda off the Scottish west coast. St Kilda is an isolated archipelago lying northwest of North Uist. 


The Kilda Necklace's eye-catching geometric shape and pops of colour are an easy way of giving an outfit a bit of a lift.



The Kilda Necklace is made from laser-cut, beech wood. It is hand painted in three colour combinations:

  • Fayence Blue + Silver Metallic + Cobalt Blue
  • Dip in the Pool Mint + Caribbean Dream Green + Trailblazer Dark Green
  • Peachy Dreams + Silver Metallic + Lilac



The Kilda Necklace is finished with sterling silver chain.


Chain length:  40 cm / 15 inch

Wood width: 6 cm 

Wood height: 7cm

Kilda Necklace


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