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Nathan & Amanda Savory

Amanda and Nathan IMG_3820[37602].jpg

We are Nathan and Amanda, or ASCENT, a husband and wife team, based in Cumbria.

Working as a laser technician in Scotland a few years ago, I started to design earrings made out of beech wood as unique gifts for Amanda. In turn, friends started asking for their own versions!

Lockdown launched our small business of jewellery, gifts and photography from a little flat in north Scotland. We returned back to Amanda's home, Cumbria, nearly three years ago, to continue to run our small business.

We love to adventure: whether it’s staying local and hiking our Wainwrights, or canoeing our tarns… or a trip to somewhere warmer.

Wood represents a piece of the outdoors, a natural product and something that connects us to the earth and places we love.

The names of the pieces are inspired by the shapes and elements of some of our favourite adventure spots, from the tip of Scotland, down to our beloved Lake District home.

We hope you’ll enjoy wearing your piece of ASCENT jewellery while out in nature, or glammed up for evening – but the natural elements always remind you of where you’d rather be… Out on an adventure.

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