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Stepping out

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

From working with wood, to carrying a camera on adventures, I’ve been creating for many years, enjoying the process of seeing something made from start to finish.

From fixing up old canoes as an Outdoor Instructor, to building sheds to house biomass boilers, tinkering with bits and pieces has always been part of what I’ve taken for granted.

So much so, that in an Instagram world, being able to take great photos and design something appealing that someone might buy, seems so easy on the surface. And it is almost, up until now, that I realised I’d taken my photography gift for granted!

Who would have thought that Covid-19 could have brought good things? It’s clear that many have suffered through this time and initially it had not been an easy time for my wife and myself. Plans dramatically shifted soon gave way to new horizons: what had I always done that would be a transition into something I’d always dreamed of?

This is where the idea of N J Savory Designs came in. I’d already been playing around with jewellery designs for my wife and gifting these little light wooden geo earrings to friends, who often insisted they pass me a twenty quid note.

I’d already been recording my best adventure days with the best camera I had with me on the day (Canon 35mm film camera - or my smartphone!)

My photography had been used in Marketing material for two outdoor centres (with 8 locations between them).

I’d already photographed two weddings – one as a first, one as a second. I’d won photographic competitions.

I realised I had an entire portfolio ready and many years of experience, with my images being used professionally. I had always just enjoyed taking photos and designing bits and pieces.

And so this is where it starts. A love of photography, and enjoyment and pleasure out of making things that friends and soon-to-be friends will love.

With a new camera under my belt and an open new world, as we emerge from Covid lockdown, this is me stepping out to make my dream a reality. I hope you might be just a little bit as excited as I am!

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