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Bikers at the top of Bow Fell and snowy Langdale circuit

The low pressure had brought in fresh snow and we jumped at getting out for a Wainwright circuit: starting with Crinkle Crags, up on to Bow Fell, and round to Esk Pike.

We'd pressed on, our crampons making us slower than usual, as we still had plenty of energy. And found two guys waiting for the sun to set and most walkers to have left the summits, before choosing their route to mountain bike down.

After a brief chat and sharing experiences of the day, I got some shots of them against the skyline, imagining the views they would have - and the snowy trails they'd go through on their descent.

One of my favourite shots has been the rider silhouetted against bright blue sky, taking his own photo - most likely for his Instagram!

Capturing some of the details...

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