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An evening swim at Miller Ground at sunset

Finally being able to have friends to stay has meant we've had a flurry of visitors to our new place, just south of the Lakes, in these last few weeks.

Celebrating a friend's birthday this weekend has been incredibly special, as she lives alone, and the last six months being by herself with Covid rules has been at best, isolating and at worst, traumatic.

It's these special moments that we capture spontaneous times together with friends that I so enjoy.

What started as watching the sunset down at Miller Ground, the beautiful Langdales, outlined by fluorescent pink clouds, with a popped bottle of champagne, turned into an impromptu swim by the girls.

It may be early September, but the water is still cold, and takes your breath away. I enjoyed the timelapse of the late evening light, capturing their moving bodies as they kept trying to keep warm!

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