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An after work jaunt up Silver How

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Earlier this week, Amanda messaged me at work, suggesting the idea of a spontaneous trip to one of our most local and lowest Wainwrights, Silver How, for a wee jaunt after work to watch the sunset. Who was I to refuse?

It had been sunny, warm and breathless and was still a beautiful evening as we drove up to Grasmere.

We were walking up the short and sharp east side of the mountain, so we were sort of in the shadow the whole time.

As we got to the top, the view suddenly unveiled itself. We could see over to the Langdales and the north.

The mountains were bathed in the most beautiful golden sunlight, with layers of light, created by some of the hazy cloud.

The low light was creating dynamic shadows on the land, with points of interest reflecting this golden light in little ribbons and streams.

There is such a network of paths, which are just slightly shorter trodden grass, through these open hillsides, which create these amazing leading lines… and paths and sort of ribbons of details through the land.

The almost silvery backs of sheep dotted around this landscape create amazing highlights, mirroring the line of the paths.

I like this shot in particular, with its three layers: foreground, midground, background and then sky... and the beautiful cool. muted colours.

Even though they are three separate distinct backgrounds, they all seem to mirror each other in almost the same pattern. The one behind is slightly lighter and the one behind that lighter still.


Silver How, Grasmere, The Lake District

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