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A sunset ride in the north of Scotland

Lossiemouth Beach is a long white beach nestled along the north east coast of Scotland, somewhere between Inverness and Aberdeen I describe it.

One long summer's evening, after Amanda had finished her WFH (work from home), we set out to decompress and of course, take my camera with me.

Even at 10pm, the colours were incredible, and a blanket of cloud forming a channel of light above the horizon.

We spotted some riders and their horses placidly wading through the water, enjoying a late night ride.

As the sky got darker, the light seemed to get brighter, highlighting every rock on the beach, making for a series of dramatic images.

It seemed as if the whole of Lossiemouth had gathered for this unique sunset, and we enjoyed watching a group of girls take a cold swim, and a chap take an iphone shot, barely leaving his car as he left it running.

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