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A sunny (and moody) day at Achmelvich

How good is it going on holiday after so much time needing to stay local?

Taking a trip with good friends, staying near Lochinver a visit to Achmelvich was a must.

Pristine white sand, clear water: this is one of Scotland's most stunning beaches. Taking the kayak and the paddleboard, we ventured out and enjoyed some small waves together.

We got a glimpse of Suilven peaking out through the cloud: not always a given, as it's often shrouded in grey cloud, both a menacing and welcoming force on the west coast skyline.

Extra waterfall magical shots a bonus!

The Eas a' Chual Aluinn is reported to be the highest waterfall in Britain - however, as we walked to the waterfall, the second and third images, are taken from the waterfall, not of the waterfall!

It's absolutely worth the walk to get to it! Be prepared for a boggy walk though.

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