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A fisherman's (or woman's) paradise

Each and every summer, my wife's family have been heading to Sutherland, on the north east tip of Scotland, for fishing.

Every August, it might be raining and midgies, or hot weather and midgies. Either way, there are going to be midgies.

This year seemed even more special as the wider family were re-united, taking advantage of a gap in the Covid rules.

Hiking up to Amanda's favourite loch, Far Beannoch, from Dalreavoch Estate, on one of the most stunning days of the week, it was warm work in wellies. We'd opted for easy walking gear instead of traditional fly fishing garb.

As she fished from the bank, I took a few moments before I found my own spot, to take some action shots of her. This is one adventurous woman! I love yellow line of the rod, springing back onto the water, at the end of a cast.

That day, we had planned to walk the length of the moor: making it just as much about enjoying the scenery as the fishing (heaven forbid for the family fishing traditionalists!) So we walked on, capturing views right across the Highlands.

Other family members were already taking a dip in the water having already walked up in waders!

We finished the day, meeting family for a final fish and walk back to the car: and obligatory photo shoot, capturing a special day together.

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