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A drive over to Ingleborough

With family plans, outdoors, we'd missed our chance to hike Ingleborough in the snow, but we knew it would mean some stunning photographic opportunities as the sun went down.

Parking by the Viaduct, when most were leaving, we took a cold walk down to the of the hill to watch the mist rise mysteriously from the base of the hill.

The greys against the yellows formed a perfect backdrop for this Yorkshire Giant.

The yellows finally disappeared and the moon started to show it's face, as we turned to walk back to the car.

Peeping through the viaduct, it was framed by tall historic arches, currently being maintained and updated.

Despite it being nearly zero degrees, it was a still night and the reflections were starting to form on not-yet-iced water.

As we headed back to the car, there was a rumbling in the distance and realised it was a train.

We thought all trains, with Covid, had been cancelled!

I love the effect of the light from the windows set below the mountain side, framed by snow.

It makes me think of hopeful times, when we can travel again. It makes me imagine the inside chats and bustle and warmth of the carriage, where people dream of crossing the country to see loved ones.

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