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A bacon buttie and sunrise to see in the New Year

With plans completely cancelled, we decided to mix up New Year: New Year's Eve was an early night, all prepared for an early start.

With the camping stove, and a pack of bacon and freshly made bread, packed in our bags, we hiked from the back of our house to our usual circuit of Potters Tarn and Gurnal Dubs.

The early morning wind had whipped the sky, for our viewing pleasure: a sole runner the only other sign of life we saw up there.

Once the colours had settled, we found a more sheltered spot with a different view and protected ourselves inside our bothy bag, filled with bacon butties and coffee cooked freshly on the stove. Camera put away. And started to write dreams for our 2021.

Will we bother with New Year's Eve again? Not sure we will!

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